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Why should you buy your home through Settlin

Buy your home through Settlin

When you are planning to buy your home, you have a lot of options. But have you ever thought that all those options can be actually categorized in 2 simple groups:

  • Online portals, which are classifieds, and
  • Offline brokers, who are working for a few sellers

Is there a proper marketplace like Amazon wherein you can get lots of options, check out the products and do a COD? There is. Settlin. Let me get down to the reasons on why you should buy your home through Settlin.

4x more inventory than any other website

We guarantee you much better availability of inventory. Classifieds have a limited business model that forces them to have hardly 5-12% of the entire inventory universe at any given time. Our list-till-it-is-sold service ensures that you have the maximum options.

7x more search parameters

We provide you filters on more than 24 parameters.

Need duplex? Done.
Need Rental value more than 30k? Done.
Cauvery water is a must. Done.
OC should be there. Done.

Think of a parameter and you will find it.

Most websites boast of 4-10 filters, but they do not really deliver the results. Because despite the filters, the listings do not have most of the data and you will not get accurate results.

80+ parameters on each and every listing

We curate each and every property by a physical visit from our executives. This ensures that each listing has a floorplan, photographs, and data on more than 80 parameters. This, in tandem with our 24 filters, ensures that you get what you want.

Each listing is unique

Unlike classifieds which are marred by duplicate listings, our each and every listing is unique. We go to great lengths to remove duplicacy in our system.

Visit Requests and Scheduling

We support not just shortlisting, but one click visit request. A dedicated RM will be assigned to you and will manage your visits, suggest you further properties and provide you with any and every consultancy that you may require for buying your dream home.

Visits facilitated by non-broker professionals

Once the visits are scheduled, you will be escorted to the property by our non-broker partners, who are just working for us on the weekends. They work on a per visit fee model and have a complete professional non-partisan approach towards your visit. In simple terms, no one is going to force you towards making a decision.

You will be given all the information that you need. We know how important this decision is for you, and we are here to assist you to reach it, not decide it for you.

Negotiation & Pricing assistance

We are the best experts in the localities that we operate in, just by the virtue of the amount of data that we have and the number of transactions that we close per month.

We will help you with the current market trends and the ongoing prices. Instead of positioning as a seller agent or a buyer agent, we proudly position ourselves as mere match-makers trying to bring two interested parties on common grounds.

We believe on three fundamental tenets,

  1. Negotiation must be based on facts and not emotions
  2. If there is negotiation, it must be rooted in mutual respect and concern for the rights of others – John F. Kennedy
  3. The true success of a negotiation, is a solution where both parties win

We will be there by your side till the end

We provide you with complete transactional assistance, from token amount safeguarding, to legal verification of the property, to loan procurement, to sale agreement, to tax deductions, to property registration.

All this at a jet-speed. More than half our customers close the entire transaction in 2 months, when the average in Bangalore is 6.

Whoa! All this sounds great. But what does it cost?

Do not worry. We have got your back, here too. Check out our pricing and I am sure you will be very happy.

What’s more, for you to buy your home through Settlin, there is a post-paid package, which means you pay us only when you get your papers. To add an icing, your first legal verification is completely on us.

So what are you waiting for, go settlin’.

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