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How to buy a home in 6 easy steps

Are you looking for a home to buy? You are at the right place then. Even if not, please read further and let us know if we were able to excite you enough to look for one :).

Note: We operate in very limited area of Bangalore for now

Buy a home in 6 easy steps
Buy a home in 6 easy steps

Sadly, in India, it takes 18 months on an average to buy a resale property from saerching options to getting the final sale deed in your hand. Settlin gets it done in 4 months. Let’s tell you how.

Any property search consists of the following steps.

1. Discovering Options

Did you know?

Any online platform does not give you more than 24% of the inventory options. These platforms are basically classifieds and make revenues out of these listings. So, a seller gets free listing for only 2 months, when it’s going to take 17+ months# to sell his property. If you do not keep on searching regularly, you are bound to miss on properties. It is the reason why it takes more than a year# to just search for the right home.

# Settlin Research

Don’t worry, we are here

We are here to save your time. Our listings never expire unless the property is sold, and yes, we are in regular touch with the sellers. So,

  • We have 3x more options than anywhere else
  • Every option is unique and curated at 82 parameters.

We promise you – no duplicacy. No fake information. No unavailable homes.

Just hop on to, and start searching.

24 Filters

You can put as many filters as you want. Unlike other platforms, you won’t miss out any listing. Each and every property listed with us has complete data on all 82 parameters.

Multiple requirements

You can save multiple requirements. We understand that it takes time to refine your search and we want to make the journey easy.

Still if you are unable to find anything, just ping us. We have a huge offline database too, in which we will find you the home that matches your needs.

Liked a property? Request a visit. Unsure? Just shortlist it for a comparative look later.

2. Visting the properties

We know you won’t buy a home without visiting it. But we also know how valuable your time is. So we do not want you to make random visits. That’s why we provid all the quantifiable information before you decide to visit. If everything suits your needs, you can chose to visit.

Did you know?

Even the most honest of the brokers will not have the resources to help you find a resale property because the options are many. Hence they are forced to switch to primary where they can show multiple options with many varieties at a single location.

This is the reason agents have always been seller/builder centric and try to coerce you, a buyer, into visiting and then buying any home you visit.

Purely Informational Visits

Our visits are done by non-agent professionals.

Yes, you read it right. Professionals – people who are analysts, consultants, accountants, programmers, in various MNCs. They have a strict 4-point KRA and they will never step over the line to force “sell” you a property. Even though we know that lots of emotions are involved, and not just yours, while you buy a home, we do not play with them.

We are here as your informant. Our greeter partners are there just to equip you with all the information about the property and sort out your queries. Feel free to give them the feedback about the property and more information about your requirement. It will help us to provide you much relevant suggestions later.

3. Negotiating & Token Advance

If you are interested, you can request a negotiation and talk to the seller directly. If you want us to mediate, it’s our pleasure. We will help you get the best value out of this deal. We are here to empower you, because only then you will be happy, and we thrive on the happiness of our customers.

Your token will be kept in an escrow with full refund guarantee. We will be there with you throughout the transaction and never will you have to worry about the advance that you paid.

4. Verifying Legality

This is probably the hardest part for you, while you try to buy a home. Well, we made it the easiest. We will help arranging all the documents, and get a legal advice from accredited lawyers within a week. Apart from making it easy, we also make it completely free so that you never have to feel the pinch again.

Still, if you want to have your own lawyer, we will work with him as well. We know that it is hard to earn your trust and we are ready to suffer those hardships.

5. Getting a Loan

Yes, we will help you here too. We have tied up with all prominent banks and will make sure you get a loan through the bank of your choice, even if it is SBI.

6. Registering the Deed

Throughout the transaction, we will be there with you, till you get the property in your name, and even beyond (interiors, khatha transfer, electricity account transfer etc), if required.

We will help you sort out all the documentation, TDS payments, challans, DDs and NOCs, and cruise you through the government corridors and officials.

Serving with smile, for a smile

We will make the best of efforts to put a relaxed smile on your face while we are working for you. By God’s grace, we have been successful in our efforts so far.

We are not your regular agents or classifieds. We are your true end-to-end one-stop solution to buy your home. Surely, these terms have been overused and sound so cliche, but what we lack in words, we compensate in our service.

If we were able to entice you into looking for your next home through us, let us know at Even if not, still let us know why at and we promise to work on our shortcomings asap.


Sellers, please don’t be disheartened. While we do focus on the buyers, ultimately we are facilitating your sale. We are a marketplace and the sole aim is to provide an easy way to transact a property. Please visit to find all the benefits.

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